Fun activities for your kids in Mercato

March 30, 2022

Whether you do it in the park, at home, or in malls on the beach, spending time with your kids is very important, especially while they are young and curious. Aside from creating opportunities for your kids to learn more, it allows you to supervise what they are learning. If you or your kids are into outdoor activities, there are plenty of fun things you can try near your home. In fact, some cozy malls in Dubai such as Mercato Mall now have family and kid-friendly facilities that are not only ideal for dining and spending time with the family, but also for fun and learning.

If you’re looking for a place where your kids can have fun and interact with other children, take them to Fun City Dubai. It is an ideal play centre for children aged 1-12 years old. The centre provides avenues for physical and mental development for children aged 0-4 years, as well as a safe place where older kids can run, climb, jump, and enjoy other activities on their own or while playing with other kids

While several shows and movies are already available on different streaming platforms, there’s still something special about going to the cinema to watch the movie you’ve been wanting to see. VOX Cinema Mercato offers not only the latest and most anticipated movies from different studios around the globe but also delicious snacks and drinks that you can enjoy with your family or friends.

Some people may find art and crafts childish or too time-consuming, but it is an effective way to relieve stress and refresh one’s mind after a stressful day of working or finishing schoolwork. At Picasso Artists Mercato, it is an ideal activity where adults can spend more time with their children or younger members of the family while creating an art piece that they can take with them.

Whether you’re out with the kids to buy necessities or looking for activities and facilities where you can treat the kids to activities they can enjoy with your family or their friends, you can surely find what you need at Mercato Mall.

You may visit their website www.mercatoshoppingmall.com to see the full list of open shops and restaurants or check the day’s store schedule.