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Picasso Artists

Picasso Artists came to life from the founding principal that art should be accessible to everyone, young, adults, and elderly alike. The concept of this Picasso Artists’ inspiration came from the desire to share with you the most important thing we learned through our artistic journey, which is Creativity is already in YOU!

When we first started acrylic pour painting, we were mesmerized by the fluidity of the paints. The result of our first acrylic pour canvas was thrilling. It was a small 20×25 cm flip cup pour painting, which was so much fun to make. We were hooked! We kept playing around and experimenting with paints and colours, we created amazing pieces of artwork at times, and at others, we’ve had complete busts.

Our journey inspired us to create a space to share with everyone our experiences, satisfaction, growth, and creativity. A space where everyone can discover their creative personality.

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