3 Ways to Make Your Kids’ Trip to the Mall Fun and Educational

June 9, 2022

Summer is one of the busiest seasons, especially for families that have school-age children. Since the kids are on a school holiday, it is one of the best opportunities to bond and do various family activities. Aside from spending days at home, parks, and family-friendly attractions, you may visit Mercato Mall, a themed mall, where the kids can enjoy various activities organized by the mall.

  • Watch long-awaited movies

While there are several ways to watch different movies, going to the cinema with the family remains to be an experience to look forward to. Unlike other activities, watching long-awaited movies at the cinema is something that you can do when you visit the best malls in Dubai to run errands, shop for luxury and essentials, as well as enjoy delicious meals with the whole family at your favorite restaurant.

  • Enjoy mall attractions and activities

Nowadays, it is common for cozy malls like Mercato to offer a range of activities and attractions that are designed to cater to the interests of children. While the experiences are designed for children, there are several interactive and educational activities that both parents and children can enjoy together. The mall also organizes several events and special attractions throughout the year where children can learn while having fun.

  • Shop for toys and collectibles

For many children, a shopping experience is not complete without visiting their favorite toy store and specialty shops. If you are looking for collectibles and other giftable items, you may visit:

  • Toys R Us is catered to both the young and young at heart. Get everything from the latest action figures, dolls, and plushies for the little ones, to board games and arts and crafts for the whole family to enjoy. Can’t get enough of your favorite movie or character? We always carry a curated selection of movie and comic collectibles including character costumes, so take your pick and start collecting.
  • The Little Things Dubai is a unique retail experience offering a wide selection of diverse and exclusive gifts, novelties, and toys. Known for its exclusive and specialized shop of collectible figures, Anime and Manga, Comics, model lists, pop culture, apparel, and an assortment of associated stationery and merchandise (posters, pins, badges, etc.). There are a few things products for every room in your house and for every member of your family. Each piece holds quality, definition, and creativity and leaves you with no option but to smile.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to keep the kids entertained while shopping or you’re trying to find the best gift, Mercato Mall has an extensive list of cafes, dessert shops, restaurants, and specialty stores where you can get your favorite food and drinks. Prior to your visit, you may check the website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services, as well as check their store hours if you have other plans for the day.