5 Must-Visit Restaurants at Mercato Mall (Featuring New Restaurants)

June 20, 2022
Restaurants at Mercato Mall

Discovering new restaurants or revisiting your favorite ones is a great way to relieve stress. It is also a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, especially if you have not been able to meet for a long time. If you’re looking for new restaurants, you may start by visiting those that just opened in the nearest shopping malls in Dubai.

Here are some of the must-visit restaurants that just opened or are in Mercato Mall, the only  themed mall in Dubai.


If you are looking for light snacks and a good cup of coffee, you may drop by the newly opened Dunkin branch at this cozy mall. Dunkin’s menu is full of great-tasting items that will get you going throughout your day. From Dunkin’s handcrafted coffee and iced beverages, 50+ varieties of doughnuts, all-day breakfast, and sandwiches – Dunkin’s menu has something to offer for every kind of taste bud.

The Duchess

Once you’re done with your errands or you need to rest after visiting your favorite stores in your go to community mall, consider dropping by the much-loved breakfast spot, the Duchess which just opened on the First Floor of Mercato Mall, with lots of surprises in store. The concept designed and created by passionate Emirati restaurateur Alia Alrayes in 2017 has always had a simple motto, good food, good service, and a good chair. The Duchess hopes to showcase this ethos by linking modern day dining with an old-world charm to simple and well-made food to satisfy a clientele with a craving for sophisticated classics with a new elegant feel.


Looking for something to beat the heat while visiting malls in Jumeirah? Repeat is famous for its specialty milkshakes and decadently indulgent Belgian chocolate brownies available in Jumeirah, Academic City & newly opened branch of Mercato Mall. Also, new to the Mercato Mall menu is REPEAT’s creamy Gelato which will be available to order in 15 delicious flavors that include Ferrero Rocher, Charcoal Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Kinder. Customers will be able to also order Vanilla Ice Cream Popsicles which can be dipped in a choice of six toppings. The new branch will also serve the café’s famous ice cold, creamy milkshakes and gooey brownies that are known for being truly irresistible.

Arabian Tea House

When you’re tired from walking around one of your favorite malls in Dubai, you may stop by Arabian Tea House. for a delightful meal or a refreshing drink. Arabian Tea House is the First Authentic Emirati restaurant in UAE that opened its doors in 1997, with a vision to create a strong presence of Emirati culture and cuisine around the globe. The tagline ‘Experience Emirati Hospitality’ defines the company’s zeal to serve a variety of homemade, traditional, and healthy Emirati dishes with a warm and serene experience.


If you’re in a rush to go back to work after you have a long checklist for the day you can easily get something to eat and drink at Hardee’s. It is USA’s unique sandwich chain, introduced in the Middle East in 1980. Its popularity and credentials soon echoed throughout the region inspiring the launch of 97 stores across Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in the region, Hardee’s has been serving over 120 million customers with the favored Hardee’s taste and variety, unmatched in the Middle East. Customers do not have to wait in line for fresh, juicy, charbroiled burgers because the Hardee’s team will bring them directly to the table, while customers pass by the beverage bar and choose their seats. Whether speaking of a dine-in, a takeaway, a drive through, a delivery service or kids’ playground area, Hardee’s offers everyone a better fast-food service with great convenience.

Whether you’re craving a specific dish or just looking for a cozy place to dine and relax, Mercato Mall has an extensive list of cafes, dessert shops, restaurants, and specialty stores where you can get your favorite food and drinks.

Prior to your visit, you may check the website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services, as well as check their store hours if you have other plans for the day.