Tips for back to school shopping – Updated

August 23, 2020


Back-to-school season is just around the corner.  Regardless if you’re preparing your kids for their very first day of school or it’s just another year, the back to school tips listed below will help your kids’ transition back to the school smoothly without having to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

  1. Before you go shopping, set the ground rules. Make a list and let your kids know how much flexibility there is and what you’re willing to spend, and whether you’re going to spend on extras. If you decide to spend some extra, it is great to consider taking your kids to the Early Learning Center while you do the shopping. ELC provides toys that nurture, stimulate and motivate the child and promote happiness and the desire to learn while playing. One of their branches is located on the first floor or Mercato Mall.
  2. Prepare a list before you go shopping. Most schools enumerate all the supplies recommended for the year. It’s advisable to stick to that list in the store to avoid buying things children don’t need or going over budget.
  3. Buy your basics in bulk to stock up for the year. Items like paper, pencils, erasers and tape all go on sale as soon as school starts and stocking up means you’re set for the rest of the school year. Stores like Hallmark shop Dubai offer different types of papers, cards, paper wraps and so much more that you can buy in bulk.
  4. Take an inventory of what you have so you don’t end up buying items that your kids don’t actually need. Good quality backpacks and lunchboxes can sometimes last more than a year and some of what your fifth grader used last year can be passed down to your second grader.
  5. Consider shopping earlier. Most of the schools announce a list of school supplies needed as early as June, so once those school supplies hit the shelves, start stocking up a little at a time. Lots of malls in Jumeirah offer sale items on a regular basis so chances are you’ll be able to scoop up deals throughout the summer. At Mercato Mall, consumers can enjoy PrivilegePlus discounts from different stores.
  6. Ask About Return Policies.  Check store policies about exchange and return. This is especially important if you’re shopping for some gadgets like mobile phones and computers for kids. At Virgin Megastore Dubai, they allow returns and exchange to items that are deemed to be factory defects. However, customers should make sure that the product is accompanied by the original receipt, it is sealed and in its original condition, and the product should be exchanged or returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

If you are thinking about where to shop in Dubai for the upcoming school year, Mercato Mall is your go-to shop. It boasts various shops that are essential for going back to school. To know more about the mall, visit their website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/