Things to bring back from your trip to Dubai – 2

January 25, 2020


It is no doubt that Dubai has a lot to offer for tourists, especially those who are visiting the Emirate for the first time. From its futuristic skyline, various shopping places and immense desert landscapes, there are endless things to do in Dubai.  In addition to this, Dubai can also be overwhelming due to the endless amount of goods and souvenirs to bring back home. So, here are the best souvenirs to buy when you are in the city:

Assorted candied fruits and nuts

Both Arabs and Emiratis love to snack on candied or dried fruits and nuts, so you’ll surely find assortments of these in Dubai. It is a good idea to take back some of these colorful candied fruits or platters of delicious nuts for a souvenir.

Local pearl jewelry

The United Arab Emirates has a long history of pearl diving. In fact, you can still get local pearls in Dubai as a unique and local souvenir that supports one of the city’s most important traditions. So, when you go shopping in Dubai, make sure to bring back simple yet beautiful pearls for a souvenir like no other that you can say is truly from Dubai.

Arabic Attar

Attar is the term for essential oils derived from plant sources. These alcohol-free perfumes are widely used by both men and women in Dubai. There are various kinds of attars sold in Dubai and you can make your own perfume by experimenting with different mixtures and ask the seller to prepare it for you.

Electronic Items

Everybody knows that Dubai offers a wide range of electronic items at a discounted price, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival. So, don’t forget to check out the amazing collections of your favourite electronic item before heading back home. The top electronic shops in Dubai include the Virgin Megastore, Axiom Telecom, Houston, and iStyle.

Dubai Spices

The perfect way to add the flavor of Dubai in your home is by getting the famous Dubai spices with you. These spices are full of flavors and are sold in both local markets and supermarkets at various shopping malls like Mercato Mall. So, spice up your curries and other recipes by getting these aromatic Dubai spices back home with you.

The Emirate of Dubai is certainly a shopping haven for both locals and tourists. There are lots to see and buy here that any newcomer is likely to be overwhelmed. With the list above, you probably now have an idea of what to bring back home. These unique purchases will act as a valuable remembrance of your time in Dubai.