The ultimate beauty essentials for summer

August 9, 2020

It’s not only the wardrobe that needs a revamp when the seasons change; skincare routine requires a makeover, too.

Summer is all about letting your natural beauty shine, but the harmful effects of too much exposure to the sun can also cause a damaging effect on your skin. Therefore, it is important to know the right skincare products to help protect your skin against the harmful UV rays and nourishment after being out in the sun in the day.

Don’t leave the house without first using one of these summer beauty essentials that you can find in various malls in Jumeirah which can protect, nourish and nurture skin.

Moisturizers – the heat makes the skins oily with sweat coming through the pores. It can also cause early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles to appear. The most effective way of keeping them at bay is moisturizing. Moisturizer seals in hydration which is a vital key to the health of the skin. One of the most recommended moisturizers is the one from Khiel’s. Kiehl’s moisturizers deliver deep, long-lasting hydration. From dry skin to aging skin, they offer a wide range of hydrations that will restore the look, feel and overall health of your skin. You can buy Khiel’s moisturizers in one of their outlets located on the ground floor of Mercato Mall.

Lip Balm -Though summer may bring warmer temperatures and increased humidity, you should still make sure to carry a lip balm with you as your lips can still get chapped during the summer. Lip balms often contain ingredients that protect you from sunburn. Like the rest of your skin, your lips can be damaged by exposure to the sun. Using a lip balm can prevent sunburn and the peeling skin that comes with it. In line with this, Flormar lip balm selections protect your lips from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Their selection is now available in 5 different color and flavor options. Flormar’s Lip Balm is the right choice for smooth, healthy and slightly tinted lips.

Cleansers and Scrubs – The best way to ensure your skin is radiant and glowing during the summer season is by exfoliating using the right cleansers and scrubs. Both cleansing and exfoliation are crucial components of a good skincare routine and can yield beautifying results. Lush cleansers and scrubs are one of the most popular choices among women as the products help in keeping complexions healthy. The brand is renowned for its handmade cosmetics that use only fresh and naturally pure organic ingredients.

Peel Facial – Face peels can solve multiple skin problems, from pigmentation to scarring, hydration to acne, skin texture to fine lines and wrinkles. Facial peeling removes a top layer of skin to exfoliate and speed up your cell turnover.  However, some products remove more than others, depending on the type of face peel you decide to try. BR Fruit Peel Facial from the Nail Spa renews new skin cells and revitalizes skin by using a gentle fruit peel for pigmentation and sluggish skin types. Its benefits include reconstructing, plumping and lifts & tones.

Body lotions – During the summer months, your skin can suffer from the drying effects of air-conditioning, not to mention sunburn. While there are lots of moisturizing body lotions specifically designed for dry skin, many of them feel heavy and greasy in the summertime due to the increased heat and humidity. The best body lotions for dry skin in summer boast lightweight formulas that still provide deep, long-lasting hydration like The Body Shop lotions. The wide array of lotions from The Body Shop are lightweight and can easily absorb hydration in your favorite scents. Visit their store on the first floor of Mercato Mall to shop for their wide range of skincare.


If you are looking for the right skincare products and beauty essentials this summer, shopping in Mercato is one of your best options. The mall boasts different beauty shops for you to choose from. For more information about the beauty shops at Mercato Mall, visit their website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/