Smart Back-to-School Shopping Tips

September 12, 2021
bookshop in Mercato Mall

While some children don’t really look forward going back to school, taking them with you for a quick back-to-school shopping trip might help getting them excited for the new school year.

While some students/parents opt to buy school supplies only when they are needed, some find it more practical to buy school supplies in bulk at the beginning of the school year. Many of those who prefer the latter will know where to shop in Dubai and even get good deals or discounts. Below are some tips on how you can save your budget while shopping for supplies:

  1. Check available supplies at home

Before going out to buy new materials, you can save a lot by taking an inventory of the supplies you have at home. Check for leftover materials from previous school year and note how much more you will need to buy. This way, you can avoid buying things you already have.  You may also use this as an opportunity to check for items you can recycle or reuse such as bags, penholders, cases, lunchboxes, etc. If the items are still in good condition, re-evaluate whether you need to buy a new one.

  1. Establish a budget

Once you have determined how much supplies you have left and how much you need to buy, establish a budget for the supplies you need to buy. This is crucial, especially when you must allocate a budget for more than one person. If you have enough time, go through the list of malls in Dubai to check which stores offer less expensive, yet high-quality school supplies.

  1. Compare prices
    While most school supplies usually cost the same, there are still some brands that offer less expensive goods without compromising on quality. However, art supplies usually differ in prices depending on the manufacturer and quality of the item. If you need new art supplies for yourself or your kids, Canvas Art offers an extensive range of high-quality art supplies at competitive prices that are suitable to your budget.

If you are looking for unique stationery for yourself and/or your children, the items at Paperchase may be more suitable to your preferences. The shop offers a wide selection of stunning stationery, beautiful notebooks, unique greeting cards, distinctive gifts, school bags, lunch boxes, bottles as well as quality art and craft materials

Whether you’re looking for school supplies or art supplies for yourself or your kids, Mercato Mall has several shops where you can buy high-quality and affordable supplies for your back-to-school shopping. Before you go, you may visit Mercato Mall’s website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services, as well as check their store hours if you need to make other plans for the day.