Satisfy your Cravings at Mercato Mall

November 26, 2021
mercato mall - community mall

Aside from offering the best deals for essential items, home accessories, and luxury goods, a great community mall should also provide visitors with an extensive variety of dining options.

Whether you’re taking a tour of the city or wondering where to shop in Dubai, you can always ask the locals for recommendations or ask your driver to drop you off at Mercato Mall in Jumeirah. Once you reach the location, you may look for your favorite brands or check out the mall’s extensive range of dining options.


Located on the mall’s ground floor, Slab at Mercato is a unique restaurant and specialty coffee shop that focuses on quality and creativity to offer each customer the food they love to eat.

The restaurant offers a selection of contemporary and modern cuisines from all corners of the globe. It is a unique dining experience where families, friends come to share great food in a warm and casual ambiance rather than going to a fancy restaurant.


If you are looking for a place that offers a relaxing ambiance and serves delightful meals, Paul may be the perfect place for you.

With a range of rustic, country-style, and specialty breads, cakes, desserts, and pastries, Paul is the perfect stop for a typical French breakfast, snack, or afternoon tea. Its sandwiches and main courses are also an ideal pick for lunch or dinner. All food items may be ordered for a meal at the tearoom or for take-out.

Chocolate Bar

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that you’re visiting a dessert shop. Chocolate Bar is a wildly creative, cutting-edge, cosmopolitan cocoa emporium that started in the heart of New York and made its way to different parts of the world. With an extensive menu of breakfast meals, sliders, cakes, cookies, pasta, mains, and coffee, the Chocolate bar aims to give every diner an elevated foodie experience.

Whether you’re trying to satisfy your cravings or just looking for a cozy place to dine and relax, Mercato Mall has an extensive list of cafes, dessert shops, restaurants, and specialty stores where you can get your favorite food and drinks.

Prior to your visit, you may check the website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services, as well as check their store hours if you have additional plans for the day.