Ramadan 2021 – What to expect

April 10, 2021
Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021 is expected to begin on April 13 and end on May 12. Dates are dependent on the sighting of the crescent moon and may vary by a day or so.

Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar observed by Muslims all over the world. In many ways, Ramadan is the best month to visit Dubai to experience Islamic traditions. However, there are various things to consider when visiting a Muslim country at this time of year, and an understanding of the local culture can ensure you remain respectful. So, what to expect during Ramadan, especially this year?

1. Greeting – The traditional greeting in Ramadan is “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak,” and this can often be heard during the holy month.

2. Eid 2021 – Eid is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. In addition to this, Muslims also consider Eid as the time of sharing and giving. They enjoy time with their families and often exchange gifts and one of the most popular gifts to give adults and children is chocolates from Patchi Dubai.

3. Food and drink – One of the main cultural considerations during Ramadan is eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum in public. In terms of restaurants, many are closed until sunset. In addition to this, most cinemas, theme parks and other entertainment facilities also have designated areas where food is served to non-fasters.

4. Working hours – In general, working and school days are shorter, beginning in the later in the morning and finishing mid-afternoon.

5. Discounts and sales – During this holy month, both locals and visitors can enjoy exclusive Ramadan offers. Most shops and shopping malls including Mercato Mall, offer discounts on clothes, toys, accessories etc., particularly towards the end of the month in the lead up to Eid-ul-Fitr, and various eateries have exclusive Ramadan and iftar deals. So, if you are thinking of where to shop in Dubai during Ramadan, Mercato is surely one of the malls you should not miss.

6. Iftar – Iftar is the evening meal, taken after the evening Maghrib prayer to mark the end of a day of fasting. Iftar is a joyous occasion as friends and family gather to enjoy a meal together – consisting of multiple courses and cuisine from across the globe, it is a veritable feast. If you will be hosting your family’s Iftar meal, head on to Spinneys Jumeirah where they offer a complete range of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, hot and cold delicatessen, and much more.

COVID Rules During Ramadan 2021

  • The duration of Taraweeh and Isha prayers but will be capped at 30 minutes.
  • Mosques will close immediately after the prayers.
  • Women’s prayer halls will remain closed.
  • Religious lessons and meetings will be allowed in virtual mode only.
  • Only members of the same family dwelling in the same house will be allowed to share Iftar meals.
  • Iftar tents and communal Iftar meals at mosques are banned.
  • Family and friend’s gatherings and distributing and exchanging meals between homes and families is advised against.
  • Distribution of the Iftar meals is limited to labor housing complexes via direct coordination with the management, all the while ensuring strict social distancing.
  • Cinemas and gyms can only operate at 50% capacity, while malls and hotels are capped at 70 percent.
  • Restaurants and cafes are expected to close by 1 AM and are not permitted to organize any type of entertainment activities.
  • In all cases, social distancing measures must be observed at all times.

While this year’s Ramadan is quite different due to the restrictions because of the Coronavirus, locals and visitors can still enjoy this holy month. For more shops to visit during Ramadan, visit Mercato Mall‘s website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/ where most shops at the mall offer PRIVILEGEPLUS discount to members.