Our Favorite Cafes in Mercato

February 26, 2020


Once in a while, it is nice to shake up the normal routine, and check out a new spot or a new place for afternoon tea. Whether you are after a cup to go, out for brunch or somewhere to linger with your laptop – Mercato’s cafés and coffee shops are little havens. Below is the round-up of the very best.

Paul Dubai – Reflected its selection of bread, viennoiserie, patisserie, sandwiches, soups, salads and signature French dishes, PAUL Bakery & restaurant caters to the French way of life. The rustic countryside style and classy Parisian Café vibes can be seen through the interiors as well as the dishes. Various of its outlets can be found in Dubai and one of these is located on the ground floor of Mercato Mall.

More Cafe Dubai – More Cafe is a European-style chain of cafés that offers a wide selection of international food items in artistically nuanced spaces. This is a cafe highly visited by regulars who appreciate the meaning of quality, superior service and fun mashed up in one fine experience. Moreover, its interior design is meant to provide a relaxing and lively atmosphere.  One of its stores is located on the ground floor of Mercato Mall where privilege card members can enjoy a discount of up to 20%.

The Living Room -The interior of this cafe was highly inspired by the women’s majlis room. It is then taken out of its context from a home into a commercial environment. The result was a homey setting in an unexpected place. Complimented by a coffee and dessert bar, it takes the retail experience to a whole new level.

the living room, Mercato

VShakes Dubai – VShakes is your ready-to-go all-natural, no added sugars, preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors, a meal in a cup. The cafe wholeheartedly believes that everyone needs a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of a quality diet no matter how hectic life gets. Therefore, they offer a variety of Superfood smoothies, Protein shakes, Nourishing juices, Energy Bowls, Organic supernatural lattes and Toasties that are fully packed with raw vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to revitalize the body and mind.

Costa Dubai – Since entering the Middle East coffee shop market in 1999, Costa Coffee has grown to more than 400 stores across 9 countries. It offers customers a choice of the world’s finest coffees with a level of personal service that is warm and welcoming. It’s this unique combination that makes them stand out from the others, and they are incredibly proud of it. One of their shops is located on the first floor of Mercato Mall where PrivelegePlus card members can enjoy up to 15% discount.

Aside from these cafes, Mercato Mall, one of the malls in Jumeirah, also offers fashion and lifestyle brands, high-end restaurants, entertainment and more. Spanning an area of 643, 067 square feet, Mercato welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year.