Jumpstart 2022 with Sustainable Fashion

January 26, 2022
best malls in Dubai

Wearing fashionable and stylish clothes does not always mean you only wear expensive pieces of clothing and accessories. You can still look stylish without breaking the bank when you shop in from the best malls in Dubai if you have good eyes for spotting great clothes and big discounts.

If you’re looking for new work clothes or aiming for a specific look for a special occasion, visiting your favorite store during the Dubai Shopping Festival would be a great advantage as almost every store in the city are offering huge discounts and special promos for their customers.

Abayas for all occasions

Located on the First Floor of Mercato Mall, La Nero Fashion is the ideal place to find the best Abayas for every taste and occasion. The brand has been known for providing the best of dresses and abayas for its customers, putting an emphasis on astounding quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and captivating elegance.

La Nero also prides itself on its efforts in preserving the heritage and sophisticated ways of the Arab woman incorporating trendy and fashionable designs to keep up with the changing times.


If you are looking for skateboard, hip hop, bling-bling, or punk culture, Beyond the Street is your one-stop shop in finding everything you need to get the street into you. This iconic store is the best place to get you all geared up for an urban camp out session.

If you visit the store during the DSF, you can avail of excellent discounts from international brands including Oakley, ONeill, GoPro, and many more.

In case you can’t get enough after getting what you need from these shops, you can continue to look around and visit your favorite stores and see what they have to offer during the event. Once you’re done visiting the best shopping malls in Dubai, you can find a good spot where you can enjoy the programs and entertainment shows organized by different brands.

Whether you’re looking for exciting sales and discounts or you wish to find activities that you can enjoy with your kids and loved ones, you can surely find the perfect shop and entertainment area at Mercato Mall.

You may visit their website to see the full list of open shops and facilities or check the store schedule. The list of activities and events for the DSF is also available online.