Gift Ideas for Eid and Ramadan

April 21, 2021
Gift Ideas for Eid and Ramadan

After a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, Muslims will gather to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan. During Eid, Muslims send their good wishes to their families and friends and exchange gifts. Since Eid is almost here, you may be worried about the best gift to buy for your loved one.

If you are look for some best gift idea for Eid and Ramadan, read on through the below

Clothes – Clothes are one of the most common types of gift you can easily give to your loved ones. For men, a t-shirt is a good idea while for women, you may want a dress or an Abaya. The perfect place to find the best Abayas for every taste and occasion is the La Nero shop located on the first floor of Mercato Mall. The shop offers a wide selection of fashionable Abaya clothes ranging from basic black abaya to different colored and textured dresses and abayas.

Get Chocolate gift basket – A basket of chocolate is something you can send to your family or friends during Eid. Chocolates can also be given as a gift during Ramadan as they are known to boost energy. One of the best shops for chocolates in Dubai is Patchi. Aside from its premium quality, innovative designs and excellent presentation, Patchi possesses the edge of being the ultimate chocolate gift destination. You can visit their store located on the ground floor of Mercato Mall where visitors can enjoy 10%PRIVILEGEPLUS discount.

Islamic Books – Another perfect gift, especially for kids is an Islamic book. Lots of Islamic books contain stories of prophets while others contain stories with good morals, and all these can be really great for giving during Eid. Naturally, children are curious and fond of stories, and they will surely appreciate this gift.

Modern Home Accessories – Help family and friends in celebrating the season with their favorite home accessories. One of the best go-to-shop when it comes to home accessories is Zara Home. They offer a collection of modern products such as bed, table, bathroom linens and modern accessories. Visit one of their shops located on the ground floor of Mercato Mall.

Toys – Since children are the ones that get the most Eid gifts, toys are another great gift idea. You may choose to give them money, but this does not give them as much thrill and excitement as when you give them toys. For a wide range of toy selection including toddler learning toys, visit Toys R Us on the first floor of Mercato Mall.

If you are looking for gifts for this coming Eid to give to your loved ones, then you should follow the above guide. To further help you with the search for the best Eid or Ramadan gift, visit Mercato Mall’s website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/ for a complete list of shops and stores.