Five Unique Attractions in Jumeirah

February 19, 2020


Dubai is a stunning city full of entertainment and surprises.  The Emirate is firmly rich in tradition and Middle Eastern history that has not only incorporated but embraced modernity and innovation. One of the best places to visit while in the Emirate is Jumeirah.  Jumeirah is a coastal residential area that mainly compromising low rise private dwelling and hotel developments. With the best Dubai shopping malls and other unique attractions, Jumeirah is a must-visit in the UAE.

Green Planet – The Green Planet is the Emirate’s very own tropical rainforest. With over 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds, this green oasis is a sanctuary of exotic flora and fauna. Its aim is to educate visitors about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of our planet. The place exposes Dubai to another world within its glass dome. Responsibly sourced species include sloths, snakes, spiders and a vast array of birds. Appealing to visitors of all ages, Green Planet is perfect for a family outing.

Dubai Street Museum – Artists from different art genres participated in the first phase of Dubai Street Museum titled the ‘2nd of December Street’ project. They included well-known names such as the German artist Case Maclaim, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, French artist Julien Malland, also known as Seth, and Russian artist Julia Volchkova. The project aims to highlight the country’s unique history, heritage, achievements and aspirations through public artworks.

Pro Art Gallery – Aside from malls in Jumeirah, there are also galleries that are worth visiting. One of these is the Pro Art Gallery. This gallery seeks to make art accessible to everyone. With this goal, the gallery sells limited edition prints alongside original paintings, sculptures, and lithographs. It offers a range of artistic endeavors from street art to such smock-and-beret masters as Chagall, Dalí and Dufy. It is located opposite to Jumeirah Mosque.

the world - Dubai


The World – More than a decade ago, a set of islands in the shape of a world map were announced and work began on them. “The Heart of Europe” is an ambitious development that will be home to dozens of luxury resorts and lavish restaurants. The World will also be surrounded by half-submerged, half-skylit floating homes called “floating seahorses”. You also don’t have to worry as to where to shop in Dubai because The World will also offer various shopping places. So, for those who miss the drizzle and cold in Northern Europe, there will be climate-controlled streets that can catch you in a downpour or have you squelching in the snow.

Mercato Shopping Mall – With around 140 stores, Mercato may be small by Dubai standards, but it is distinguished by attractive architecture that looks like an Italian Renaissance town. Large stores in this mall include Virgin Megastore, Laura Ashley Home, and Spinneys Jumeirah. To see the complete list of shops in Mercato Mall, you can visit their website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/

Head to Jumeirah for an exciting day filled with fun activities, delicious food, with plenty of sun and sea. There are several shopping malls in Jumeirah where you can do more than just shop. Moreover, Jumeirah is close to all the major attractions of Dubai that you must add to your itinerary. So, if you’re visiting Dubai, make sure you explore the upscale neighborhood of Jumeirah for an unforgettable visit to the UAE.