Celebrating Eid in the New Normal

May 16, 2021


As the economies try to bounce back amidst battling the global health crisis, many are looking for new ways to celebrate Eid in the new normal. If you are looking for activities you can do with your family or gift ideas for your loved ones, read through the list below:

  • Dine at Mercato – With restrictions eased and arrangements for the new normal in place, you may treat yourself and your family to a small feast. Just be sure to follow all the health and safety guidelines as you enjoy your meal.
  • Shop at Mercato – Mercato Mall has a broad range of shops where you can find unique gift items to give to your loved ones. You may also take them to visit a few shops so they can choose the items they want.
  • You can get chocolate gift baskets for both adults and children. Chocolates are a very common gift to give during aid as they cater to a wide age range and are known for their energy-boosting properties. Patchi offers premium quality chocolates with unique designs and presentations, making them an ideal gift item. You can choose pre-packed or customized gift baskets. Visit their store located on the first floor of Mercato Mall.
  • Children are usually the ones who get the most gifts during Eid. While you can give them food or money, the young ones will be more excited to receive new toys. Toys R Us has a wide range of Toddler Learning Toys that the children will surely love if you’re looking for ideas. They also have a great selection of toys for children from different age ranges.
  • It is common practice to give clothes as gifts during Eid. You can choose from a range of shirts that they can use for work or other day-to-day activities for men. For ladies, you may opt for casual dresses or fashionable Abaya clothes. You may visit La Nero on the first floor of Mercato Mall to see their collection of abaya clothes.
  • Modern home accessories are another idea that you can explore. Surprise your friends or loved ones by gifting them with unique home accessories. Zara Home is one of the most well-known shops that offer high-quality bed and table linens, fragrances, and other home accessories. You can visit one of their shops on the Ground floor of Mercato Mall.

Whether you’re looking for a place to shop or dine to treat your loved ones, it will be easy for you to find unique and high-quality products from the shops listed above. You may also visit Mercato Mall’s website to see the complete list of their shops and restaurants, as well as access more information about restrictions and safety protocols.