Best Ramadan Gift Ideas for 2022

April 30, 2022

Whether you’re looking for a simple gift or something unusual for your family and friends, you can easily find something that is suitable to your preference when you visit malls in Jumeirah. It may be challenging to find the best when you have so many options to choose from. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider:

If you’re looking for gifts that can be easily shared, consider getting a basket of chocolate, biscuits, or other sweet treats for your family and friends. Chocolates can also be given as a gift during Ramadan as they are known to boost energy. Malls in JBR often have more than one store that offers premium chocolates with beautiful presentations, making them the ideal gift if you don’t have enough time for DIY packaging or wrapping. 

Home accessories are another gift idea that is easy to find. Your family and friends will surely appreciate it when you give them some of the items that they like from their favorite stores. Some of the best shops in Mercato Mall, a themed mall in Dubai, offer a wide selection of modern products such as beds, tables, bathroom linens and modern accessories.

No matter what you are celebrating, clothes and accessories are one of the most common gifts that you can give to your loved ones. For men, you can grab a t-shirt from their favorite stores.  For women, you may want to get a blouse, a dress, or an Abaya. These are the ideal gifts, especially when you have limited time to visit the nearest shopping mall.

Children usually receive the most gifts during Ramadan. If there are children in your circle, you may get different toys and child-friendly games that they will enjoy. While it Is easier to give them money, there’s a unique thrill of opening gifts that children can enjoy. Try looking for some interesting items the next time you visit a community shopping center nearby.

For a more convenient shopping experience, you can always opt to visit your nearest mall as a one-stop shop to satisfy your cravings, buy your supplies, or if you’re looking for gifts to give to your family and friends for Ramadan. Mercato Mall has an extensive list of cafes, dessert shops, restaurants, and specialty stores where you can get your favorite food and drinks. Prior to your visit, you may check the website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services.