Benefits of Being a PrivilegePlus Member

April 28, 2022

Since Dubai has become a popular destination among entrepreneurs and business owners in recent years, it may be easy to miss the fact that it is also one of the cities with the best shopping malls around the world. Aside from spacious and modern malls, several Dubai shopping centre are also located in different parts of the city, offering both local and international brands.

Whether you’re shopping on your own or going with family or friends, you can easily find the perfect shopping place when you visit nearby malls. If you’re after a unique shopping experience, you can visit a themed mall in Dubai where you can enjoy a variety of discounts from your favorite stores, as well as relax and take pictures with your companions in one of the mall’s decorated areas.

One of the perks of shopping in the best malls in Dubai is that you get access to discounts and freebies, which gives you an opportunity to save more as you shop. During your visit, don’t forget to look out for various PrivilegePlus offers from your favorite stores.

It has become common among business establishments, especially shopping mall, nowadays to offer loyalty programs like PrivilegePlus to their customers. It allows the customers/members to enjoy exclusive discounts and offers from participating stores, as well as earn points whenever they shop from partner/affiliated stores.

What are the benefits of being a PrivilegePlus Member?

Aside from earning points whenever you purchase and present your loyalty card, you get:

Instant discounts – When you join the loyalty program, you get instant discounts from over 90 participating stores.

Special Offers – You also get a chance to win fabulous prizes throughout the year. In some cases or when there are special occasions, members get first dibs on event/movie tickets or receive member-only freebies or giveaways.

On that note, PrivilegePlus and Mercato Mall are currently hosting a competition from 15th March – to 31st December 2022, open only to PrivilegePlus Loyalty Program members.

Members get a chance to win prizes worth AED 15,000 monthly (subject to terms and conditions https://www.mercatoshoppingmall.com/privilegeplus/prizes/). Spend AED 200 at any PRIVILEGEPLUS participating brand in Mercato & Town Centre Jumeirah for a chance to win monthly shopping/gift vouchers worth AED 10,000 and AED 5,000 from your favorite brands such as Royalty Laser Cosmetic Center, Luxury Gallery, Cerruti 1881, Damas and others.

Whether you’re scouting for exciting sales and discounts from your favorite stores or you’re looking for activities and entertainment shows that your family and friends can enjoy when visiting a Jumeirah mall, you can surely find what you need at Mercato Mall. You may visit their website to see the full list of open shops and restaurants or check the day’s store schedule.