Barberia Italiana

Barberia Italiana

Barberia Italiana

Barberia Italiana is an authentic Italian gents salon they established their first gents salon in Milan, Cremona and Brescia (Italy) and now the first in Dubai and in United Arab Emirates. Barberia Italiana barbers will welcome you and take care of your haircut, grooming and relax.

They provide complete services for grooming: the haircut services are the “Italian Express” (30 min) or the “Italian Classic” (45 min including skin mask), beard trim and beard cleaning (with shampoo and oil) and Classic Shaving or the “Barberia Italiana signature shaving”, you will experience the traditional Italian technique of shaving with hot and cold towels to relax your face skin and a special pre and post-shaving treatment. You can complete your moment of relax with facial masks, manicure and pedicure.

If you want a place where you can relax, drink a good espresso, listen Italian music and take care of your grooming in an elegant place with the traditional Italian techniques of barbering you’re welcome in Barberia Italiana.

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