Potato Hut

Potato Hut

Potato Hut

The ultimate baked potato experience awaits you!

As an international brand, Potato Hut offers baked jacket potatoes, expertly prepared with butter and a diverse array of veggies, meats, and sauces, right before your eyes. Our brand is all-encompassing, catering to various dietary requirements. We are thrilled to introduce our flavourful and nutritious twist on comfort food to you.

We aim to elevate the simple baked potato to extraordinary heights. Our baked potatoes are expertly crisped on the outside and topped with carefully selected, delectable toppings of your choice – Every time you walk up to Potato hut, you can try a whole new recipe!

At the core of each potato we serve, lies our renowned cheesy mash. Our expert chefs delicately carve the tender, airy potato from its peel, combining it with butter and cheese until it transforms into a lusciously smooth, creamy delight. Our cheesy mash promises a flavour experience unlike any other you’ve encountered before.

At Potato Hut, we take great satisfaction in utilising top-quality  potatoes as our primary ingredient. Choosing Potato Hut means you’re not just enjoying the most fresh and flavourful potatoes; you’re also actively supporting local businesses. Indulge in the delightful essence of locally sourced excellence with each bite of Potato Hut’s expertly crafted potato dishes.

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