Festive Season

12 - 25 December 2021

Experience the magic this festive season with Santa-meet and greets, parades, live entertainment, twinkling lights and festive sights and gifting favorites for everyone on your list.
Each weekend from 4:00 pm onwards, Mercato will welcome holiday entertainers to make your little one’s experience all the more magical!

Festive Season

Festive Season Activities

16-18 & 23-25 DEC

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Santa Parades4:00&nbspPM and 6:30&nbspPM4:00&nbspPM
Festive&nbspArts&nbspand&nbspCrafts&nbspWorkshops5:00&nbspPM to 6:00&nbspPM5:00&nbspPM
Magic Phil16th&nbspDec, 4:30&nbspPM
Tales of Winter17th&nbsp&&nbsp18th&nbspDec, 4:30&nbspPM
Mrs Claus is Coming to Town (The Famous Principal Lisa)23rd&nbspDec, 4:30&nbspPM
The Elves of Santa24th&nbsp&&nbsp25th&nbspDec, 4:30&nbspPM