Newly Opened Shops in Mercato Mall

أكتوبر 15, 2020


Mercato is one of the best shopping malls in Jumeirah that appeals to individuals coming from all over the world. Superbly built and maintained, its stores display an array of products for customers to purchase. Today, we bring you the list of the new shops you can find at Mercato Mall.

Dubai Wear – If you haven’t heard this brand before, now’s your time to get stuck in. Dubai wear is a clothing brand designed and made in the UAE. The brand has a wide range of collection that emphasizes style and innovation, which are entwined with the characteristics of trendy Dubai. One of its stores is now open on the first floor of Mercato Mall where shoppers can enjoy up to 20% PRIVILEGEPLUS discount.

Luxury Gallery If you are looking for a unique premium multi-brand shopping experience, Luxury Gallery is the right shop for you. They offer an array of Timepieces, Jewelry, Accessories, Writing Instruments and Eyewear. They are now open on the ground floor of Mercato where they offer everything for your unique tastes.

Toys R Us – Toys R Us is undoubtedly the most beloved brand of kids all over the world and a go-to-store for toy lovers of all ages. It offers an unparalleled selection of toys, games, learning aids, electronics, outdoor playsets and juvenile products. In addition to this, they also carry a curated selection of movie and comic collectibles. Its newest store will soon open on the first floor of Mercato Mall.

Forza Ragazzi – Forza Ragazzi is an Italian brand focused on providing quality personal protection equipment. Apart from being market leaders in designer face masks, they also offer Face Shields, Coveralls, UV Sanitization Boxes, safety helmets and more. One of its stores is now open on the first floor of Mercato Mall where you can buy safety and stylish PPE where they offer 10% PRIVILEGEPLUS discount to members.

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