Feeling Hungry? 5 Great Places to Eat at Mercato Mall You Must Try

يونيو 8, 2022

Treating yourself to your favorite food is one of the best ways to recharge and get over a rough day or a stressful week. Whether it’s a small piece or a complete meal, your favorite food offers a unique kind of comfort that can help you relax and feel relieved from your stressors.

You can visit go Jumeirah Mall, where you have easy access to an extensive list of restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops. Here you can get your comfort food while running errands. Mercato Mall has several must-try food places where you can discover new favorites or grab your usual order including:

Slab Dubai offers contemporary and modern cuisines with inspirations from different parts of the world. It is a unique restaurant and specialty coffee shop that will focus on quality, creativity, and most importantly food you love to eat. Dining at slab is also a unique experience as it offers casual, smart, fun, and inviting service. A restaurant is also an ideal place where families and friends come to share great food in a warm and casual ambiance rather than going to a fancy restaurant. The dining area is simple with natural wood and plants. Comforting and near enough to the kitchen to feel the heat and see Chefs in action.

Samurai Sushi & Grill Restaurant delivers the Local Modern Japanese Cuisine in Jumeirah. The business was established in May 2017 aiming to offer customers a dining experience that is rich in emotional satisfaction. With this principal concept in mind, the restaurant continues the chase to achieve a space for smiles and happiness through the culture and pride of Modern Japanese Cuisine.

Opened in 1997, Arabian Tea House is the First Authentic Emirati restaurant in UAE. The restaurant was founded with a vision to create a strong presence of Emirati culture and cuisine around the globe. Their tagline ‘Experience Emirati Hospitality’ defines their zeal to serve a variety of homemade, traditional, and healthy Emirati dishes with a warm and serene experience. Arabian Tea House has several branches in different parts of UAE and every branch has cultural relevance that will take you back in time and experience UAE’s journey of the past and explore its cultural heritage.

Located on the First floor of Mercato Mall, Gazebo restaurant is devoted to preparing and serving authentic Indian cuisine. The restaurant recreates the gastronomical delights that grazed royal palates, with unparalleled finesse and flavor. Created using age-old recipes with the most exquisite ingredients, Gazebo promises a ‘Royal Indian Journey’, and delivering on that promise creates an everlasting memory of deliciousness. If you’re craving Indian food or looking for a new dish to try, you may drop by Gazebo to explore a long list of unforgettable Indian cuisine.

Shamix is a creative brand-new cuisine, that takes Shami street food to the next level keeping the traditional flavor with modern touches. If you are looking to experience ethnic Shami Street and enjoy tasty Shawarma, you may drop by Shamix located on the First Floor of Mercato Mall. They offer hot sizzling Manaqeesh, Mosakhan, Falafel, Oriental Appetizers, and more.

Whether you’re trying to satisfy your cravings or just looking for a cozy place to dine and relax, Mercato Mall has an extensive list of cafes, dessert shops, restaurants, and specialty stores where you can get your favorite food and drinks. Prior to your visit, you may check the website to access their list of cafes, restaurants, shops, and services, as well as check their store hours if you have other plans for the day.