The Weave Factory

The Weave Factory

The Weave Factory

The Weave Factory is a brand that has been created to transform living environments and the quality of life for those who choose our unique collection.

Our Dhurries tap into Rajasthan’s rich craft heritage, whereby our highly skilled weavers play the biggest role in weaving them into perfection.

The trend is towards the making of natural cotton, handcrafted in high quality and woven on a handloom.
Ultimately it’s all about top quality.

Our iconic dhurries are reversible flat weave rugs with each design different and exclusive. We use only 100% natural cotton that is diligently woven, washed, beaten , brushed and fashioned by hand into the final products on traditional looms, thus leaving our dhurries long-lasting, light weight and easy to carry/travel with.

In a nutshell four essential attributes; color, quality, service and reliability.
We are still the best where dhurries are concerned. We specialize in free Bespoke orders, whereby our clients can decide on any pattern, size, colors and tussels through our bespoke services.

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