Born of royal Emirati designer in 2016, LAVA is a premium brand of scented candles and precious fragrance products. Inspired by the contrasts, hues and harmony of the Middle East’s seas, deserts and greens, every LAVA candle is hand-crafted and imbued with precious scent.

Each candle is perfectly formed to burn with symmetry, while offering a complex, multi-layered bouquet of long-lasting scents. Here, elegance, style and quality meet in a hand-crafted artisanal product.

LAVA has made its mark as an artisanal chandler specializing in the subtle interplay between light, fragrance, ambience, aroma, material and presentation. Our perfumers and materials experts are now taking this expertise towards brand new forms of expression.

Our artisans are backed by years of research, and investment in a full-fledged plant operating based in Ajman, the UAE. Here, technology and art combine to seamlessly create exceptional candles – including high-fragrance container candles, inclusion candles, and entirely handmade scented pillars.

The house of LAVA was established by Emirati royalty therefore our local heritage gives us unique insight into the UAE’s culture and consumer preferences.

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