Kansai Japanese Sweets

Kansai Japanese Sweets

Kansai Japanese Sweets

Kansai sweets located in Mercato Mall specializes in making handmade Japanese treats such as Japanese Mochi Ice Cream, scrumptious Japanese Fluffy Cheesecakes & a wide variety of Bubble Teas such as Taro, Matcha, Ulong and the ever popular Japanese Milk Tea with Tapioca. Our experienced chefs & baristas have mastered the art of creating these sensational Japanese treats using the freshest & healthiest ingredients available in the market.

Besides Japanese sweets we offer a variety of different well known classic sweets such as Macaroons, Eclairs, all homemade in a variety of flavors to cater all kinds of sweet tooth cravings. We are confident that once you have tried these treats you will not be able to resists returning for more.

The success of Kansai Japanese sweets rests on the quality of chefs that have been carefully selected & hired because of their culinary expertise. Our chefs have been trained & mentored in Japan by the most well-known masters of Japanese sweets.

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