ECCO Pizza & Pasta is a brand-new franchising concept, filled with Italian tradition, born with the core aim of spreading a little bit of Italy all over the world.

In the Italian language, ECCO means “here you are, et voila”, in fact the whole concept reflects the dynamic and casual nature in the name itself: a fast-casual dining concept, but not a fast food, where passion for great food and love of cooking come together.

The ambiance is pleasant and informal, the décor is cozy and wants to convey, through the use of warm colors, the warmth and tradition typical of the South of Italy.

ECCO is a place that feels like HOME, perfect for a quick lunch, a romantic date or a pleasant dinner with friends or family. Eating at ECCO will be like enjoying a meal in Italy, in a colorful, welcoming and joyful atmosphere.

The keyword is PASSION and being ambassadors of the Italian gastronomic culture is the MISSION. Because we are tied to our land, its genuine products and traditions and to the atmosphere and beauty of our beloved country.

Our Slogan:
Dear pizza&pasta, I love you. That’s all. !!

First Floor