Caramel & Sun Mums

Caramel & Sun Mums

Caramel & Sun Mums

The neighborhood store that has everything under the sun for kids just made it even more interesting for the most important member of the family. Caramel and Sun MUMS is now open with an incredible collection of jewelry, sandals, and clothes for us – the Mums.

Caramel and Sun Mums is the go-to destination for everything you need to look and feel great with an array of clothes, sandals, accessories pouches and curated jewelry as well as home decoration items. As a neighborhood concept store, we source and develop local unique brands which we love focused on design, comfort, and affordability.

The neighborhood Concept store where the most important member of the family can find what they need – Caramel and Sun Mums.

Some of the main brands we will be offering are: With My Sands, One Tee, Newtone Brand, Stella and the Gang, Bindi Atelier, The Sisters Dubai, Room Service Jewelry, Bohemian Rhapsodie Paris, Ma Cabane Concept Store, Bleecker and Love, Umi and U… and many more!

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