AS2 Electronics Trading

AS2 Electronics Trading

AS2 Electronics Trading located at Mercato shopping mall is an electronic company that sells electronic products. The company was established in the year 2004 with the first store being as Deira in Dubai. The company boasts of having innovative assorted products from its stores that are competitive in the market with its location playing a positive role.

The business concept of the company is its long experience in electronics and gadgets industry enabling it to market foreign electronics products in UAE. Furthermore, AS2 Electronics Trading concept is to supply the market with innovative and affordable products with cross generational target group. The company is the unique distributor of Yoobao, JMGO and Orico as well as the Transmart products in UAE and the company has continued to communicate with its partner brands so as to understand the trend in the local and the global market.

Customers can also visit AS2 Electronics Online Shop to get cool gadgets and phone accessories at home.

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