Reasons Mercato Should Be Your Go-to Mall (Jumeirah residents’ perspective)

فبراير 11, 2020


Mercato, is the first themed shopping mall in the Middle East. Ideally situated in Jumeirah, one of the fastest-growing residential districts in the Emirate, Mercato Mall is built to be a prestigious shopping destination catering to quality-conscious residents of Jumeirah and visitors to Dubai. Furthermore, Mercato provides more than just a world-famous brand; it offers a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience within an aesthetically stimulating ambiance. These are just a few of the many reasons why Mercato is your go-to-mall, especially for residents of Jumeirah. Here are some more reason why to visit Mercato:

Elegant Cinema – Movie lovers can head to the Mercato Mall Cinema to catch the latest movie. At VOX Cinemas, Mercato Mall, they have seven fully renovated theatres with an enhanced, never-to-be-forgotten movie-going sensation. With lots of food and drink options, you can turn a simple night out at the movies into something truly special and unforgettable. There is an in-person ticket booth at the cinema, but you can also book through the VOX Cinemas website and app.

Shopping & Dining Entertainment – The mall holds a good range of some of the world’s leading boutiques and international brands, like H&M Dubai. They also house one of the prominent when it comes to home furnishing items, Zara Home UAE.

There is also a range of cozy and nice cafés such as Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar and Costa, restaurants like Paul, Gazebo, and Azkadenya. There are also fast food outlets such as Shake Shack, Pizza Hut, Chinese Palace and more. On a similar note, some well-known electronic stores like the Virgin Mega Store and Axiom telecom are also be located at the mall.

Classically beautiful design – The mall is designed to resemble a Venetian town from the Renaissance period complete with cobbled streets and piazzas. You can also enjoy some natural light from the glass atrium during the day. In the evening, the place becomes a romantic hotspot because of the glowing streetlights.


Grocery Shopping at Mercato Mall – Residents nearby can-do grocery shopping at Spinneys Jumeirah, located on the first floor of Mercato Mall. The supermarket covers an area of 4,000 sq. ft. on the ground floor of the mall and offers a wide range of fresh foods and household products. The Mercato Mall Spinneys timings are 08:00 am to 12:00 am.

So, there you have it. Mercato Mall offers a one-of-its-kind shopping experience and undoubtedly can be your go-to-mall in Jumeirah.