Interesting things to see and experience in Mercato

يونيو 18, 2020
mercato mall


When you are in Dubai, visiting a shopping mall is probably included in your list of things to do in the city. Shopping in Dubai is not just about swiping your credit card left and right. Shopping malls, including Mercato, have more to offer. Aside from a range of fun activities for kids, there are also plenty of interesting things to do and see in Mercato Mall to entertain people of all ages.

“Mercato” is an Italian term which means “market”. The unique design and ambiance of the mall make it one of the best shopping malls in the Emirate. It is designed to resemble a Mediterranean town from the Renaissance period complete with cobbled streets and piazzas. In addition to this, mall visitors can also soak up some natural light from the glass atrium during the day. While at night, the place can become a romantic hotspot because of the glowing streetlights.

This community mall is serving not only the residents of Jumeirah but visitors from all over the UAE and beyond. With an area of more than 640 square feet, the mall welcomes thousands of tourists each year. It offers fashion and lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants, movies, and more.

Here are the other interesting things you will see at Mercato:

● Visit more than 140 shops and service outlets.
● Fashion outlets selling popular clothing brands, footwear, accessories, homeware at Zara Home Dubai, etc.
● Restaurants and cafes serving fast food as well as local and international cuisines.
● Spinneys Supermarket offers fresh produce, baked goods, and grocery items.
● Entertainment attractions including VOX Cinemas Dubai and Fun City.
● Savvy shoppers can also avail discounts and win prizes using their PRIVILEGEPLUS card. By becoming part of this loyalty program, you can get an instant discount in more than 90 stores at the mall. To become a member, you need to present one or more receipts of a total shopping bill of AED 1,500 in the last three months. You then need to fill a PRIVILEGEPLUS application form.

Entertainment at Mercato Mall


The mall is a great place for the entire family. You can bring your kids along and take them to the Fun City to enjoy some games. Fun City is a family entertainment center on the first floor of the mall that offers play areas with slides and other activities, along with video games. You can also host birthday parties for children at Fun City Mercato.


Movie lovers can head to the VOX cinemas to catch the latest flicks. Located on the first floor of the mall, the multiplex features seven screens and can accommodate around 1,400 people at a time. There is an in-person ticket booth at the Mercato Mall cinema, but tickets are also available at VOX Cinemas website and app.

Indeed, there is a great variety of things to do and see in Mercato mall. If you are looking for a place with an Italian atmosphere and vibe, then look no further than Mercato. Visit their website at https://mercatoshoppingmall.com/